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What Time Of The Year Should You Raise Capital? - Argona AMA

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Argona Partners Chairman, Richard Anderson, answers question on whether or not there is a particular time of the year to raise capital.

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“There are really only two times of the year that you would probably NOT want to raise capital. Um, and that's during the summer season usually, because really the best way to think about it would be when are investors having their kids around? Right. And so during the summer investors have their kids with them, they're on vacations, they're traveling, and then when they get back. The two best times to start looking at capital would probably be right as school starts. So you have the end of August, and then right as the beginning of the year kind of comes around. So sort of January15th-end of February is starting to roll around. You kind of have between that point in summer, and then, August to, you know, around, uh, Thanksgiving basically. Are kind of the two work heavy times of the year.”

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