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Make Your Sales Pitch Not Sound So Forceful!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this video, Argona Partners CEO Jeremy Imlach answers the question, "How do you make a sales pitch that doesn't sound forceful?". This question was submitted by Dr. Lillian, founder of Travelusion Tours.

Travelusion Tours offers a wide array of virtual and in person tours.


“As far as an early stage sales pitch goes, the reality is that it's going to feel very pushy at the beginning. And the reason being is because you haven't tested or validated your market at all. So what you really have to do is focus on early adopters. What I would be doing at the early stage when you're first developing your sales pitch, make sure that you have all of the documents, all of the information that you're going to need, right?

Whatever scripts you might want to develop, and then go about testing it with your assumed early target market. You don't necessarily just want to be throwing it out to your friends and family saying, "Hey, how does this sound". If your friends and family aren't within your target market, that's just not going to produce the results that is going to influence how your sales pitch goes.

Now, how you get your sales pitch to sound less pitchy, right? And really it comes down to highlighting the value that you're presenting, and of course, it's not necessarily just running up to someone and saying, "hi, look at this value". You don't want to come across as being somebody who, um, is very pushy, and so the idea here is that you're providing value. This is where marketing aligns with sales, and it's not necessarily just a sales push. What you're doing is you're aligning what you're providing, the value that you're providing for the customer, with what your selling, right? So they go hand in hand there. So it takes a little bit of nurturing, a little bit of marketing for them to understand where that value is coming from. Now, when we're talking about how you integrate that into a sales pitch, right? It's not necessarily that you want to go and reach out to somebody with an immediate sales offer. Typically, just statistically, that doesn't work out well. What I would focus on for this early stage, is testing continuously test, and test, and, test and see what resounds, what the market is telling you will work, and then it will feel less pushy.”

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