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Getting Investors Interested In Your Product

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Argona Partners Chairman, Richard Anderson, answers question on how to get investors interested in your product/business.

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“Um, so the best interest you can produce in your product is usually in the form of traction in some way, shape or form. So even if you're going out there, you're marketing, you're doing everything you can to get your products, you know, shipping out there developed. Um, the best thing you can do is to try and see if there is a way you can bootstrap just to a point where you can show interest in your product? Like if you don't have direct sales, you get people who say yes, I would buy this, even if they're not going to buy it right away. Right. Um, and then, so there's always something you can do to develop some level of traction, even if you're just struggling with each step to keep moving it forward. Uh, at some point you'll see enough of those steps forward that you'll catch the interest of some investors as well.”

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