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How To Be An Invincible & Empowered Entrepreneur

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Many dream about being an invincible and empowered entrepreneur, deep in action, all-powerful, in control, and always effective. Yet being a real life entrepreneur does not always live up to the expectations. Is there a secret? What can help get us there?

Let's see what past studies have shown about each facet of entrepreneur success stories.

4.) Setbacks are to refine and push, not to define and stop

Entrepreneurship and setbacks go hand in hand. What makes or breaks attempts at starting your own business is your attitude and response towards temporary failures. How you manage them and your resilience to them makes a difference.

First, accept their eventuality. When you see barriers as part of the journey, you will be better prepared to handle them. Spending less time sulking over setbacks, gives you more time to investigate and understand why. Then you can start coming up with solutions and applying the corrections. So what does that take?

Being resourceful and having a “there is always another way” attitude helps. We usually get stuck because we tend to see things only from one angle, being oblivious to other relevant angles. Once you acknowledge different possible scenarios, ideas start to flow and take you down the path of succeeding and empowered entrepreneurs.

At Argona Partners we empower entrepreneurs by utilizing our history of practical experience and collaborative consulting to help solve your growth challenges and advance opportunities. From strategy to marketing and finance to creative we can help. There’s not much we haven’t seen or done when it comes to entrepreneurship.

3.) Success doesn’t come with a teacher; self teach required

Being action-oriented is a vital quality of entrepreneurship. While academic smarts is usually praised, it is far more, about having practical skills and the ability to learn fast, on your own, and on the run.

There won’t always be resources willing, available, or affordable to teach you. Nor the time to dedicate away from your business to engage these resources. Networking with other similar companies or consulting companies like us can help with the self-teaching process and accelerating scale.

2.) Waiting is misguided, take the initiative

Indecision killed the squirrel and many entrepreneurial companies. Make up your mind: make plans, take initiative, and take action. In the fast paced and constantly changing world we live in, time is of the essence. There are plenty of others hot on your tail or ahead of you. The confidence to cope with the inherent fear, risk taking and dim prospects is a learned skill refined by experience.

1.) Take calculated risks and actions, don’t overthink it

We mentioned that being a risk-taker consists of two parts: evaluating risks and being good at taking them in stride. Let’s look at those further.

To assess and evaluate risks well, you need to do your homework thoroughly; phoning it in will not do here. Once you have a clear, detailed, and realistic scope of the risk you will be taking, try to avoid three common traps that have burdened many a potentially successful entrepreneur:

1. Don’t overestimate the odds of failure due to fear or being over cynical.

2. Don’t over-dramatize what will happen in the worst-case scenario.

3. Have a healthy awareness of your capability in handling failure consequences and moving on.

We can help assess and evaluate the risks then help minimize and solve them. See what we do!

Bottom Line

For many the entrepreneurial journey seems too overwhelming. We speak from experience when we tell you these feelings are all a part of it. Despite all the ups and downs the bottom line is, you’ll learn how to pass the bridges when you come to them, take timely action, learn from your mistakes, and welcome both tried and innovative ideas to get things done.


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