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Finding The Right Investor For Your Company

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this video, Argona Partners Chairman, Richard Anderson, answers a question on how to find the right investor for your product/business.

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“The best kind of investors will not only bring money. So whenever you're talking with investors, the best way to find the best investor for you, is what else do they bring to the table besides just the capital to help you move forward? Right? So typically you'll see this best in something like, say for example, you're a technology company and the main thing that a technology company needs after a certain point, is just going to be capital for marketing, because all you really need to do is scale. Your product is making kind of minimal changes. I mean, you might be adding some cool features and things, as you go, but really you just need to scale to more people, right. To more businesses, whatever it is that you're scaling. Your investor, if they can bring in something like a full marketing team, that's going to go ahead and ship your product through their marketing even though, you know, they also are giving you a number of, an amount of money and that's going to help you do the same. You'll see twice fold the impact than you would. If somebody was just giving you the money to do it, right?”

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