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  • Richard Anderson III

This Is WHY 90% of Startups Fail...

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

I'm going to tell you why startups fail.

So most of the time, it's because they're not staying agile. It's important to maintain your agility. What I mean by agility is opportunities arise all the time, so you have to stay on top of that. If you're not pursuing your opportunities, then you're not developing new things. You're not coming out with new products. You're not following what you should be following. Constantly track yourself, get your real data. Stay in reality.

Whenever you see something, start to dip. Whenever you see something, start to challenge what you're currently thinking, go with that challenge. Figure out what it's trying to tell you and pursue the opportunity on the other end. Otherwise you'll stay stagnant. You won't stay agile, and you will start to fail. And so the main thing is after you stayed agile, and you have something going, something really great, the next stage is growth.

Make sure that you're growing in the right way. If you try to grow too soon. If you try to grow one part of the business and the other one isn't ready. All of those things can lead to catastrophic failure very quickly. So make sure that you're consistently staying agile and growing in the best way that you can.

The last thing is the belief that you're going to be successful because if you stick with it and you know that the end of the day, you will be successful, then you can constantly stay agile, stick with the dream, stick with your "why", and you'll get there.

Thank you and good luck.

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