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Curating Passion into Experience

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

It goes without saying that being an entrepreneur requires a special kind of spirit. Finding that unresolved problem, creating a dynamic solution, and facilitating the vision that gives your business purpose. Starting a company has no perfect template. There’s no magic secret sauce to success. However, one thing is clear. It all requires passion. And as an entrepreneur - but more specifically as a leader - your purpose is to exemplify and curate the passion behind your vision.

The problem every Founder and Executive faces is that experience and passion are both limited resources. When it is time to expand the team, how do you assess the pool of people that will drive your company forward? To come across someone with the right level of passionate and experience isn’t always so common. So, do you weigh passion over experience? Experience over passion? There is no objective answer, but I argue that passion can be curated into experience, whereas experience can only be gained through well… experience.

Experience does not ultimately define someone’s capability to succeed in a role. It does influence it, without a doubt, but true entrepreneurial leaders understand how to curate the passion behind the person into the experience necessary to succeed.

So, what do I mean by curating passion into experience? I define this as creating the opportunities for your team to succeed by providing an agile ecosystem, setting those with the entrepreneurial spirit up for success. Why is this important? Because it embraces and nurtures creative freedom as well as social collaboration - two important catalysts to accelerated startup growth.

But how, you ask?

Here are two key ideas to consider to curate passion into experience:

  • Providea strategic North Star vision, with the purpose behind this clearly defined.

    • Constantly emulate the passion behind your vision.

    • Consider transparency the most important variable.

  • Plan how your corporate structure will work as well as your organization structural management methods.

    • Establishing structure allows you to effectively manage and allocate resources.

    • These are not necessarily long-term solutions to your company's success, but rather catalysts to its growth.

    • This applies to every level of the organization.

    • Let passion drive greater experience.

Your North Star Vision

Not only are you creating the vision and the purpose behind it, but you must also constantly be emulating passion. Passion for the business, its mission, your North Star vision. Passion must come through with and each deliverable - you’re putting a purpose behind everything. It has been proven study after study, that people work harder when they feel a sense of purpose than for money.

However, this can be absolutely exhausting, and so the most important variable to consider is transparency. People at all levels appreciate being aware of what’s going on. And while I understand there is confidential information, being transparent means providing insights into strategic plans and the purpose behind actions.

We are all human here. And, in the startup realm, processes and standard procedures are being incubated, tested and created. Larger enterprises and businesses have already had the opportunity to establish the structure of these processes to avoid pitfalls. That means while you are creating these processes, being transparent will provide the purpose behind the passion. This won’t directly cause failures, but it will hinder your ability to accelerate growth by creating an environment that will raise the level of experience to match that of passion.

Structuring Your Organization

This leads to my second point, how to create that environment that will curate that passion into now heightening experience. To do this, it is important to understand how corporate structure and structural management concepts play a role. In terms of Corporate Structure, create and communicate the right roles and definitions, as well as establishing clear communication channels. If there’s any confusion around role definition, as well as direct communication procedures, this can cause plenty of confusion and delays in the development of experience.

When we look at Structural Management, you want to understand how each department collaborates and allocates resources, your personnel, your resources, your departments and their needs. Being aware of the gaps in your organization; providing that foundation of information and resource flow that will allow for efficiency. A lack of definition behind corporate structure, along with a misunderstanding of the structural management of your organization, will more often than not lead to misunderstandings throughout the organization, and become a barrier to fostering that passion into greater experience.

So how does this relate to curating passion into success?

If you’re already working with team members that may lack experience, you’ll need to structure a way that allows passion to thrive.

Being an entrepreneur entails being a leader, and as both, you have to know what’s going to move the needle and how to move it. Successfully creating an ecosystem within your organization that derives experience from passion can be a key catalyst to business growth. By doing so, you are providing an environment that nurtures creative freedom, provides social collaboration and will provide the most passionate and experienced team that will take you to the next level.

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