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How to Properly Prepare for Investors

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this video Argona Partners CEO, Jeremy Imlach, breaks down investor readiness for startup companies.

Hey everyone, Jeremy with Argona, here to talk today about investor readiness, and what investors are going to be looking for on your collateral. First and foremost, has there been a previous investment received and what are the technical business expertise, and any experience with exits within the team? They want to understand that their money is in good hands. Furthermore, they want to understand, is there the ability to pivot? What is the maintenance of a lean business model? What is the corporate structure strategy? Understanding the barriers to entry is also a key piece that investors are looking for along with market validation, marketing strategy, and value proposition. Along with that, we're going to be looking for consistency with product development strategy, development of a target market, and some sort of sales operations identity. They'll also want to understand what's the customer lifetime value. What are the investment terms? What additional funding interests or commitments have there been, and what are the contingencies that they're going to be looking at? With all this information, definitely a lot to go through while you're reviewing and creating your capital. We have a pitch deck scorecard through Argona Partners. Please check that out, submit your pitch decks. We have a whole proprietary ranking and grading system that we go through, (to) give you all the feedback that we can to help you improve your pitches and accelerate your fundraising efforts. 🚨 Have a question you want answered? Submit it here:

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