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How To Show Traction To Investors - Argona AMA

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this video Argona Partners CEO, Jeremy Imlach details how to show traction to investors and what data to show.

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“So investors want to see that you're capturing the market, and there's typically two ways to do this, through transactional data, and through intent data. So transactional data is obviously going to be built on the buying and selling of your product or service. So that's the more powerful of the two, but as we know, sales aren't always possible in that early stage startup realm, especially before that pre-seed funding realm, right? Especially depending on your industry. So the other way to showcase that you captured the market to investors is through the intent data. So this is essentially showcasing that you have been able to bring in your target, consumer your target, persona into your marketing at a portion of your sales funnel, that you've been able to capture the interest. So a good way to think about this might be for example, a waitlist. You can still showcase to investors that you're capturing the market and capturing your target persona, without having to actually generate sales.”

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