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Top Startups Markets to Pay Attention to in 2022

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Top Startups Markets to Pay Attention to in 2022

  • E-Commerce Fulfilment

    • COVID-19 restrictions saw the most significant mobility shift in recent times. So it's no surprise that online businesses such as those in e-Commerce are big news at the moment. While so many startups focus on frontline retail, there's a need for fulfilling orders.

    • An increase in demand met by these retail startups is causing product shipping costs to rise as well. More businesses are looking at innovative ways to reduce overheads and increase margin.

    • e-Commerce fulfillment tech focuses on product storage and distribution. It increases workflow efficiency, allowing for a more streamlined process and cost-saving exercises.

  • AI Software

    • The world has been talking about Artificial Intelligence since its beginning. But now we see real progress with this technology. From chatbots to self-driving cars, AI is becoming more critical across industries.

    • And one area where AI is taking off is software development. Automating repetitive tasks using machine learning means better products are available at speed.

    • A wealth of Software-as-a-Service tools are coming out each day. All these have the end goal of increasing workflow and efficiency.

  • Accessibility, Diversity, and Inclusion

    • The world has seen a sharp increase in startups from the less fortunate. Working from home has opened up a world for those who are less mobile. Those with mental health issues can also now work in a way that suits them, unlike ever before.

    • We're expecting diversity in the workplace to become the hot topic of 2022. It's the time when many of these startups begin expanding on a scale much more visible to the general public.

  • Blockchain Technology

    • According to “Prices reached an all-time high this year. And 2021 also saw the rise of Decentralized Finance (Defi) and Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). Thus, blockchain is hot on the agenda for 2022.”

    • It makes transactions cheaper and easier to execute. And because it uses cryptography, data cannot change once recorded.

    • That means that companies must rethink how they operate to remain competitive. Consumers are growing accustomed to buying goods through apps rather than physical stores. So retailers will need new methods of payment processing, such as on the blockchain.

  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

    • Augmented reality and virtual reality both provide a solution to a need for context.

    • AR takes advantage of cameras and sensors built into smartphones. This method overlays digital information onto your view of the world around you, as VR creates an immersive experience by blocking distractions except for content on the screen.

    • Augmented reality is gaining traction in retail startups. It's used to display product reviews and recommendations based on previous purchases. Meanwhile, virtual reality may help us become more mobile and explore other worlds.

  • Internet of Things

    • “The internet of things refers to the idea that every object should have its very own IP address. It's not about connecting devices together. IoT is about making everyday objects smart enough to communicate with each other.”

    • The possibilities are endless. Imagine having a refrigerator that tells you when food needs replacing. Or cars that tell drivers where traffic jams occur. You can use your smartphone to unlock doors, turn lights off when leaving a room, and even pay bills.

    • The internet of things is opening up a world of opportunity to those who cannot do specific tasks for themselves or may require extra support, whether that's down to a disability or otherwise.

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