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How To Get Your First Customer As A Startup!

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this video Argona Partners CEO, Jeremy Imlach, answers the question on how to gain your first customer/beta testers as an early stage startup. 🚨 Have a question you want answered? Submit it here:


Later product development and launch realistically, what it all starts with is finding those early adopters. Something that you'll hear me commonly say. What exactly does an early adopter mean? Means it's the first person that's going to use your service, your product, whatever it might be. Those people who are very excited right there, they're the ambassador types, the people who are going to get on board first, the first movers in that sort of a sense, really what you want to take into consideration when you're reaching out for it, let's say a beta program is what value adds can you produce during these early stages? Especially if it's before an MVP stage, do you want to understand exactly what it is, you're testing and how you're going to be collecting the feedback. And then third, how do you retain them? How do you go through the process of bringing them on board, getting into the value of the product and understanding what, whatever stage it's at your client, your customer, or, Hey, you're going through this beta test,we really want to understand the features that you're using on an everyday basis. Some things to take into consideration.

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