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Growth Tip #10 - How to Complete Goals & User Submissions

Updated: Mar 13

We're thrilled to present this edition of Growth Masters🎓, a curated collection of hacks, resources, tools, and insights designed exclusively for visionaries like you! 


In this newsletter, we'll share actionable strategies to fuel your business growth, enhance scalability, and elevate your growth readiness. 

Growth Tip #10

Thank you to all of our growth masters🎓 so far! We've made it to our 10th edition, and we couldn't be happier with your responses. Our promise is that as we continue to develop, we will hone in on the growth content that is most impactful for you. 


With that in mind, we'd love to ask. What are your goals or objectives, and how can the growth masters🎓 community support you?

Reply to this email (or leave a comment) and let us know! It can be as simple as, "2X my revenue" or "fill my open positions". 

We want to hear from you!


Now for this week's Growth Tip:

How To Complete Your Goals

Have you heard of the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)? Put simply, it's a proven framework for developing and implementing a business model to run and grow your company. 

One of the most crucial concepts from EOS is the idea of orienting yourself around larger end goals and breaking them down into easier to accomplish milestones. 


To create a simple example, let's say your 10-year goal is $10M ARR. That's a hefty goal, but let's break that down: 

- 5 year target: $5M

- 3 year target: $3M ARR

- 1 year target: $1M Revenue 

- Quarterly milestones: $250K Revenue, 2,000 leads, 20% conversion rate, $6,250

Now, your entire organization understands from top down what you're collectively trying to accomplish, and what it's going to take to get there. 


This is an oversimplified example, and if you're interested in diving further check out EOS Worldwide.


As you can probably tell, your goals and objectives will change and orient themselves around short term realities while incorporating long term objectives.

Whether you're a startup pioneer or a seasoned executive, expect a treasure trove of valuable content to propel your business to new heights.


Let's embark on this growth journey together! 🚀💡


Best regards,

Argona Partners

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