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Fundraising Campaign Crash Course

Updated: May 7, 2022

Check out Argona Partners CEO and Chairman breakdown of what our new fundraising course is, what's covered, and why you could benefit from taking it!

So you want to know how to strategically approach fundraising. That's great. We've got a guide for that. And this guy we're going to cover the advantages of raising. Setting realistic goals, identifying the right investors, creating an outreach process, having the right documentation and making the right ask.

Our fundraising campaign course is a three week self guided curriculum meant to help you create the strategy, the collateral, and network to accelerate your funding.

Argona Partners. Fundraising campaign course was developed for founders who are thinking about raising, starting their fundraise, or have been fundraising for a while. It might need a little help to get over the finish line. Pre-seed or seed series a or series B doesn't matter. This course was designed to help you create the campaign that will raise the funds that you need.

This course was designed to guide you through each step of what it takes to build a strategic approach to fundraising, whether it's identifying the market opportunity and clarifying between the serviceable and the obtainable market, or whether it's building out the pitch deck, maybe it's showcasing traction to investors, or how about building out an archetype and targeting investors.

Each week in the three week course we'll cover a different section. For each subject within those sections are going to we'll provide a worksheet and a guided video at the end of each week are going to we'll review the worksheets that you've worked on. And at the end of the three week, All of those worksheets that you've developed will become the campaign and the collateral that you use to fundraise.

We cover the business model, canvas pricing, model, valuation and assumptions, a template proforma, a template cap, table, industry, and segments, definition of research, competitive landscape, go to market strategy development, use of funds, investor archetyping and research and development, outreach strategy and scripts, prospect lists, templates, brand boards, executive summary, template, pitch, deck template, and a collateral design checklist.

Our course will help you create a roadmap that will quickly guide you through developing all of the essentials for fundraising. Let us help you develop a strong capital campaign that looks celebrate your raise effort.

There you have it. A thousand bucks and all the investor collateral, you're going to need to accelerate your fundraising efforts.

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