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The EASIEST Way To Change Business Address

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

When scaling a small business, it is very common to find yourself changing business addresses after moving out of smaller location to a bigger one. In this video Argona Partner's Chairman, Richard Anderson, talks about what to do when changing your business address and the easiest way to do it.

If you're looking to change your business address, it's very easy. Most of the time you're registered with the state that you're in. So for us in Indiana, it's Indiana InBiz. Um, so if I just go to, I can go ahead and I can file a new entity report and I can change what my business address is. That one will basically change it for all statewide entities. However, if this in the same way that if you were moving yourself, you'd have to call your bank. You'd have to call and change any of the addresses that you've manually put into other websites. You'll have to go ahead and make sure that you go and change your bank address and everything like that. Um, and then most of the time I would just say, Hey, you know, leave a forwarding address. Um, if, if you're this one appears to be at your home, um, but if you're moving from a different address and you still might get mailed there, Forwarding address with whoever's, you know, coming into that space, but really just filing a new entity report with the state is pretty much all you have to do to change the actual business address. Um, and that is pretty easy. And, you know, you can get as granular as you want. On ours, where it's like a dollar to change just the address as opposed to like $20 for the whole business report. So that's probably the easiest thing would be to just change it on the, on the state site. But just remember that like any of that uh, the question here also asked about so nothing gets missed. Um, I don't think you'll miss anything if you're just using that website, but all of those other little other websites that might have your address, you'll have to go ahead and make sure you're thinking about those and changing them yourself, because there's no one-stop solution for that.

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