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Self-care Has Never Been this Attractive to Businesses and Investors

The hectic nature of modern society can easily get the best of us, and leave us feeling anxious and under immense non-stop pressure. Often times it's difficult to separate ourselves from the everyday pressures of life. What makes it even more difficult is establishing this concept of "work-life balance", whatever that means, right?

On top of that, businesses are constantly competing to create benefits and compensation packages that are competitive. We've all heard of the 'Great Resignation' and the 'Great Resurgence', but what about the 'Great Well-Being'? That's what SheerME is providing for companies and employees alike.

Founded by serial entrepreneur Miguel Alves Ribeiro, SheerME is inspiring people to improve their personal wellbeing by revolutionizing the way they find, book and pay for their Wellness and Beauty services, powered by a benefit-based wallet and a Corporate Employee Benefit Subscription.

Argona is currently working with SheerME with fundraising campaign development, market expansion, and growth strategy.

Recent Accomplishments

- Succesful launch in Brazil

- Reaching 200k in monthly GMV

- 5,000 bookings

- Partnerships with Glovo and Loreal

Current Traction

- Over 500,000 Pageviews per month

- Over 50,000 services available for booking and payments

- Over 200k in monthly GMV

- Over 30,000 users

- Over 5000 bookings per month

- Over 1200 merchant clients

- 5 global partnerships

Immediate Needs

- Closing seed funding round

- Investor introductions

Interested in learning more? Contact Miguel Ribeiro

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