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Non-Profit Champion Creates Grant Management Opportunity of a Lifetime

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Once in a blue moon you come across a company with a founder that is so vehemently passionate about their product and mission that they infect you through their sheer force of will.

We here at Argona had the distinct pleasure of working with Ansley Fender from Atlas Solutions who definitely fits the bill as a fiery and intelligent founder.

Ansley is building her solution for a higher purpose: making sure each and every dollar that goes to economic and community development is accounted for and efficiently used.

Through effective and streamlined grant reporting, Atlas Solutions increases the effectiveness of money given to local nonprofits and other organizations, all while capturing the stories and positive effects of those grants in a more by-the-numbers format. Every grant that is awarded has its own reporting mechanism requested and dictated by the granting organization.

With Atlas, the time and money spent on individually preparing each grant report for each organization can be reduced, making for a more efficient grant-making environment with more money pouring into the missions of the grantees instead of their bookkeeping.

Put simply, Atlas Solutions streamlines and automates every stage of the grant cycle so grant-makers and grant-seekers can recapture the 20% of grant funding lost to manual administrative tasks. Find grant opportunities, generate funding insights to help you find new funding opportunities even faster, collaboratively plan and manage organization's funding and programs, tag transactions to see real-time budget vs. actual information, and request changes to budgets all within Atlas.

Argona is currently working with Atlas on early stage traction development, Go-To-Market Strategy, and Marketing & Sales Strategy. Ansley is a founder to watch as she streamlines grants for nonprofits by creating the grant management software of the future.

Recent Accomplishments

- Launched a free grant database that will eventually list every grant from every funder for every industry

Current Traction

- One foundation and a few nonprofits paying for grant management software, launched in May

- Gearing up marketing for the database and have received a lot of great feedback

Immediate Needs

- Tactical marketing resources

Interested in learning more? Contact Ansley Fender -

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