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4 Tips To Create Better Videos For Your Business

Video content is one of the most effective forms of digital marketing and growing brand awareness, and that is why today, we want to share with you 4 tips to create better videos for your business.

#1 Short Form Video Is Key

With the rise of TikTok, Reels, and just social media in general, people’s attention spans are going down. Making 5-10 minute YouTube videos less appealing in comparison to a 60 sec clip, given how much of a difference the time investment is.

#2 If Your Video Makes Sense Without It, Cut It

Piggy-backing off tip #1, trying to cut out the fat from your videos to make them shorter is huge in increasing viewer retention, and making it easier to digest for viewers. Simply just cutting out long winded, rambly parts that don’t do anything more than further explain your point, will shave off chunks of time in your video, and making them more to the point.

#3 Add Captions To Your Videos

A huge chunk of potential viewership can be lost, simply because people are scrolling on their devices with the sound off for eye-catching, visual content, and if the value of your video is the dialogue, add captions so viewers with no audio can still be able to digest your content.

#4 Make Content Visually Captivating

Piggy-backing again off my previous point, with low attention spans and people mindlessly scrolling on their devices, making sure your content is visually appealing and eye catching off the jump, is a proven way to hook your viewers. In addition to captions, adding pop-ups/visual representations that describe what the video is talking about captures viewers with no audio and for all viewers makes it exponentially more stimulating to look and than say just a talking face. A great example of this would be Mr. Beast, one of the biggest content creators in the world. Watch the first 30 seconds of his videos and see the amount of cuts, zooms, pops ups, etc.

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Alex Clark
Alex Clark

All these tips are certainly useful, but do not forget about the software for video. For example, I use a mobile app to edit videos, because it's very convenient to edit videos on my iPhone. To convert video and upload it to YouTube, I suggest using either this or some mobile app that allows you to quickly convert your video.

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