Argona Partners Strategic Consulting Internship

At Argona Partners, we're focused and determined to empower the development and passions of our team members. Our Strategic Consulting Internship is a four-month structured program that allows an individual to further explore the consulting field while simultaneously developing their holistic selves like never before.

Interns learn the ins-and-outs of performing the duties of an entry-level consultant by developing relevant skills and competencies while operating in real-time business operations and functions.

Our customized development plans include personalized mentorship, guided learning, and real-time feedback. Upon completion, our interns are not only enabled with the ability to be a strategic consultant, but they also have a wide array of new skills and perspectives necessary for making an impact on the world within their professional passion areas.

Samantha “Sam” Chen

Ellicia Chiu

Young Moon

Maya Iyer

Joseph Sobczak

Shannon “Shay” Balan

Jing Wu

Summer 2019

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