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Startup Consulting

Argona Partners is a collective of hands-on startup experts helping founders and entrepreneurs scale and accelerate their businesses.


A solid financial roadmap is a key first step to accelerating your growth and crucial for any funding efforts. This starts with financial projections, valuation estimation and offer assessment.


This foundational analysis is vital because it provides:

  • An understanding into what your company is worth.

  • The ability to leverage equity for capital investments.

  • The ability to leverage equity in exchange for services.

Startup Financial Planning Assessment.


Our framework for this detailed analysis includes:

  • A 5-year Pro Forma Projections Workbook

    • Report that breaks down valuation and ROI scenarios utilizing your financial data, industry benchmarks, unique initial assumptions and measured hypothetical projections.

  • Your Cap Table

    • Report of analysis of ownership breakdown, dilution, and value of equity over each round.

This analysis will be the basis from which you plan your growth and funding strategies. It is a critical and essential view to your business operations that is a must for every startup.

Just one conversation can change your business for the better. This may be it.

Let's chat about your business problem, examine what's currently not working, and help you map our possible solutions to reach your goals.

During the Session, we will:
+ Discuss the main challenges you face
+ Explore what's in the way of reaching your goal(s)

This session is at no charge with no pressure to work with us further.

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