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How To Find Your Marketing Niche - Argona AMA

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this video Argona Partners CEO, Jeremy Imlach details how one can find and target their marketing niche.

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“So the best way to really understand your marketing niche or your market niche, is to involve yourself with the market and start collecting feedback. Um, marketing is all about testing, right? So you want to really develop hypotheses and test those hypotheses, use the scientific method. Um, and then you can adjust your hypothesis based on that data that you collect. Um, you can always build off of assumptions through secondary data. But the most powerful content that you're going to be able to generate is through referral and user generated content. And so otherwise what you're going to be doing is kind of running these random acts of marketing to try to understand what sticks, and so that can typically be pretty timely and costly. The key here to remember, is that through user generated content and referral content, you can really start to skip those steps and develop brand trust.”

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