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How To Find The Ideal Co-Founder For Your Startup

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

In this video Argona Partners CEO, Jeremy Imlach, answers the question on how to find the ideal Co-Founder for your startup, and in this case a tech startup. This question was submitted by Nadine, from TygaBox Systems Inc. (

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“Now, when it comes to a co-founding role, you're looking for something that is vital to the organization's growth. As a non-technical founder, from a technical lead, you would most likely be looking for the vision of the technical aspect of the company. You can translate it as best as you can as a non-technical founder, but you might need somebody that's close to you as a co-founder to help you enable that vision from the top down to actually tactically put that vision into play through technical means. There's no set rules for what you're looking for with a co-founder. There's basics, they should be a good leader, they should understand good corporate responsibility. There's stuff that they should understand just as a business executive and the capability to make decisions, but the variables that you're looking for are all based on the different growth stages that you're at. So if you're talking about bringing your technical co-founder onboard as a co-founder then, as I said prior, most likely it's going to be to enable that vision through technical means. That vision comes from you as the founder.”

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