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Argona Partners Named Top Business Consultant

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Argona Partners, Inc. is proud to announce being one of the world’s top business consulting firms for 2020. Clutch, a leading ratings and reviews platform for IT, marketing, and business service providers, researched hundreds of small business consulting firms. Their research methodology is based on a variety of factors such as a company’s Clutch reviews, market presence, work experience, and clientele. Clutch Analyst Austin Elis praised our business consulting for small businesses and mentioned we’re consistently one of the best business consultants! Read more here:

Argona Partners CEO Jeremy Imlach said, "We are honored to once again be recognized by Clutch for the strategic consulting work Argona Partners has done, helping startups and entrepreneur's accelerate growth. We look forward to continued growth with our client partners." An example of Argona Partners work is with client Forest Founders providing technology consulting and strategic direction. CEO Ford Seeman said, “They (Argona Partners) have access to inhouse individuals who can touch literally any facet of the business. The engagement has gone above and beyond my expectations.”

About Argona Partners, Inc.

Argona Partners is a strategy consulting and startup development firm. We work with founders and empower entrepreneurs to scale their businesses and accelerate market results. Our experts identify and advance opportunities for our client’s and solve the toughest challenges. We combine our deep and diverse industry experience and collaborative approach to enable our client’s to exceed their growth goals and market potential, while remaining lean and agile. From strategy to marketing, product to finance and operations, we can help. We are your strategic growth partner.

To learn more about Argona Partners and how we can help your startup and small business grow please contact us at

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