Misconception #5

“Following a well developed business plan means you won't need to deviate.”


“Your business plan shouldn't change, right?”


As an entrepreneur, having a business plan solidifies your idea and outlines a structural schedule for your business. However, just because the plan exists, that doesn’t mean can’t deviate from it. Not everything always goes strictly according to plan. There are numerous challenges that can arise every step of the way when creating and building your business. Some of them include hiring personnel, creating a board of directors, lack of funding, finding office space, even down to setting a work schedule.There are plenty of other problems an entrepreneur faces, and not all of them can be foreseen. Thus, when an issue does arise, it shouldn’t come as a surprise, but rather as an obstacle or hurdle that needs to be overcome. Essentially, don’t be afraid to pivot from your original plan. A big misconception is that developing a well thought out business plan means you won’t need to deviate at all.  

Actually, deviating from your original business plan has its perks. As an owner of a business, being flexible and understanding is a key force to what direction your business moves. When a challenge arises and you have to take a step back from your initial plan, you also learn what opportunities come out of these situations. What might seem at first as a major setback can eventually become your biggest blessing. Without failures, your knowledge base is less established. Learning to distinguish when an obstacle is an obstacle, versus a minor change is also what it means to be an entrepreneur. There is no business that has been created without obstacles. Think of how many founders, and how much opposition they had when they first began their journeys. 

There is a difference between deviating from an original plan in order to create a better business, versus deviating from the initial plan and succumbing to constant opinions. Be certain that the deviations you undertake are not merely opinionated statements from those who lack the proper knowledge and understanding about your business, versus those who truly do intend well. An entrepreneur’s business plan is never fully developed, so deviations are a very common occurrence, and should be treated as opportunities to grow your understanding of an ever-changing landscape. 

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