Misconception #3

“You don’t need a company culture from the start of your business.”


Do you need to focus on company culture immediately?


The truth is, company culture doesn’t start once everything is in place and your business is up and running. It starts with you. Beginning on day one, with each initial step as your idea develops. The people you choose to surround yourself with, and those whom you entrust to take your company to the next level, are the people that will take part in creating your business’s culture. 

One common misconception is that you do not need to focus on company culture right away. While this isn’t necessarily ‘false’ - navigating the creation, scale, and sustainability of a company is far more difficult without having a focused culture in place. 

So, you are more likely to succeed having a solidified company culture. 

Building your company’s culture goes hand in hand with hiring the right board members and/or personnel. As a Founder, it is your responsibility to create the mission, and your culture is how your team will obtain that mission.

Do not mistake culture as a minor detail that plays a role only in the late stages of developing your business. On an average basis, we spend more time with those we work with than our own families. As an entrepreneur it is imperative to ensure that the culture you create is the same one you want to come back to day after day. If an environment becomes toxic, your employees’ morale will drop and your business will suffer. That is why creating a positive, meaningful, and long-lasting culture starts the moment you begin developing your business. 

What even is a culture? Well this ranges in definition from company to company - but our definition is how you conduct business both internally and externally. From showing up to meetings on time, and staying accountable to deliverables and how you present yourself - all the way to bring your pet to work day, or Football Fridays. This can even include what your office floor plan is. Your culture is defined by your business’ mission, and the engagement of your team.

Whatever culture your business chooses, it sets the tone for how others perceive your work environment to be. Do not underestimate this piece of the puzzle in starting your business! 

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