Misconception #2

“Entrepreneurs have easy hours.”


How many of us have a scheduled 40 hour work week? Do you think that an entrepreneur works the same hours?


A common misconception is that entrepreneurs have an easy schedule. This is false. Here’s why.


     Entrepreneurs might not have a set schedule, however, a very common misconception is that an entrepreneur has rather flexible hours when it comes to their workday. 

     This is false. In fact, an entrepreneur’s work hours are almost borderline nonstop. Think about a time you were working on an important project. You didn’t want to be distracted by anyone, or anything. You didn’t mind staying up later to finalize its details or print out all the necessary attachments that your boss entrusted you with. 

The same can be said for an entrepreneur’s life. When it comes to an entrepreneur’s working hours, it is almost like a never ending project. Have ever attended any type of startup discussions, or any founders chats? They will tell you the exact number of grueling hours they spent hashing out details about next steps in their business idea, and what still keeps them up at night.

     What many people who aren’t always around that environment don’t realize is that it’s during these times that the best ideas spring forth. Not midday during your 8-5 role’s weekly meeting. An entrepreneur may not come into the office at 8 and leave by 5, but make no mistake their hours are far from set in stone. If anything, their workday doesn’t really end. 

     Some easily referenceable examples include Steve Jobs and Jeff Bezos as successful entrepreneurs. They definitely did not end their workdays solely because the clock hit 5 pm. 

     The truth is it’s not the working hours that really drive an entrepreneur, but rather the idea and sharing it with others. And if you happen to stay up later than others, at least you’re sharing that idea with the rest of the world! 

So, what’s keeping you up at night?

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