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Limited Partner

Jeremy Imlach


Jeremy Imlach is an adaptive and innovative startup development expert with over 5 years of direct experience working with C-Suite executives, launching and scaling businesses, strategy, research and development, and raising funds.


Jeremy's experience lies in Structural Management and Business Development. He is a CoFounder of Argona Partners and serves as a Limited Partner. His expertise includes operations and executive strategy advisement across multiple industries, including, but not limited to, Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning, Impact Technologies, Green Tech, and Consumer Products.


Also, Jeremy operates as an Executive Advisor for multiple businesses and is a mentor for accelerators such as Founders Network, Founders Institute, and Newchip Accelerator. In this capacity, Jeremy continuously mentors a rotating group of C-suite leaders monthly in order to develop strategy, organizational systems, provide feedback, and establish traction goals.


Jeremy is a recognized coach amongst founders and executives through early stages of development and market validation, utilizing strategic gap and SWOT analyses to determine viable growth opportunities for businesses. Jeremy has also participated as a Masters Program coach & judge through the Eller College of Management business school at the University of Arizona.

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