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Green Fortress Engineering Inc. (GFE) is a leader in the design and development of next generation of Hydrogen Storage. GFE’s Hydrogen Ultra Storage (H2US) solution takes planet stewardship to the next level. As an example, the H2US would increase the current range of the Toyota Mirai (300 miles) by 50% (to 450 miles: equal to many ICE vehicles today) utilizing the same physical space and at a significantly reduced weight.

Green Fortress Engineering contracted Argona early in its lifecycle to help develop new product verticals utilizing the unique intellectual property of the company. The Argona team assisted with new designs for products, go-to-market strategies, Pro Forma and business plan development to NSF SBIR standards, and business development for LOI’s for future purchase. GFE contracted Argona again at a later date to investigate international funding sources and markets. After Argona’s report and work, GFE is now pending on a $3.1M investment and two $125k accelerator programs with intent to hire Argona for a full suite of services.

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