Engaging with Argona PartnerS


We know the hesitation some companies have at working with a consultancy. We know the horror stories; hell, a number of us at Argona have experienced them ourselves. And we also know the unconventional make-up of Argona might give some businesses pause at considering working with us.


And we totally understand. We think the best way to prove ourselves is to put our money where our mouth is and show we’re committed to developing a positive and productive relationship with our clients through a standard engagement protocol. This protocol costs the client nothing and de-risks the engagement from the client’s side – we’re interested in learning about your company and how we can help you and build a relationship, and not in charging you fees to maybe find out if we can help you.


Our engagement protocol consists of the following steps:

1. Discovery Meeting


Why this matters – First off, it’s free. There’s no charge or obligation to you as a

potential client; so while you might risk a few hours of time, you know we’re genuine in

our interest as we’re putting our time on the line as well. Secondly, an hour just isn’t

enough time to get into all the information and details we want to learn to solidly

identify the viability of potential projects. Lastly, we want to get to know you beyond just

the challenges your business is facing and lay the foundation for a successful


2. Engagement Analysis


Why this matters – To be honest, for as much as you’re interviewing us, we’re interviewing you.

Before there’s a commitment on either side to a project, we want to make sure that fit and

viability are evaluated to ensure that the engagement is a positive experience for everyone.

Additionally, we want to make sure we’re working on the right issues first so we can have the

greatest impact possible without burning cycles or your money. Some consultancies would be

plenty happy to charge you to just address symptoms and not the root causes, but that’s not us.

It might sound cliché, but your success is our success, and we strive to build sustainable and

long-lasting relationships to grow our relational ecosystem.

3. Engagement Confirmation


Why this matters – We’re not the kind of company that talks ‘at’ you, we want to talk ‘with’ you.

You’re not just a paycheck to us, you’re a client, a partner, and a member of our community.

We create a CONSULTANT STRIKE TEAM: **A uniquely formulated team of consultants for your business. Designed to help and address your needs.** to bear on the challenges facing your business.


We’re not just going to tell you what you need to do and that’s that; we’re going to make sure you’re excited about the project directions we propose, agree with how success is measured, and comfortable with

the contract terms.

*For more insight into our engagement protocol,

submit your business email, available at the bottom of each page.*

At Argona, we’re on a quest to be better, and that only happens one relationship at a time.

We’ve got your back, and we’ll prove that to you.

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