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Forest Founders Rewards


Forest Founders Rewards (FFR) propagates reforestation and reducing the planet’s carbon footprint. Their goal is to  build a program and technology platform that would partner with businesses of all types to plant trees on behalf of consumers based on their purchasing behaviors. FFR looked to Argona to develop a solid business and program strategy and plan, as well as provide technical direction for platform development.

Argona Partners developed a business and consumer rewards program to promote responsible consumerism and reforestation. Argona developed a prototype of the program and end-point technology and did extensive market testing. Based on those findings, Argona developed a business plan, financial model and a program implementation plan Based on those findings, Argona developed a financial model and business and program for both partnering with businesses and accelerating consumer reach and participation through an Ambassador referral program. Argona is also developing a go-to-market strategy and marketing plan for the FFR program. Argona has provided technical direction for both back and front-end platform development as well as a solution for the consumer 
endpoint interaction. 

After Argona’s extensive work, FFR has a solid business, program and financial plan that will meet an expected goal of planting 10,000 within the first 12 months after launch. FFR has a minimal viable product and Argona was able to compress launching the project by two months. Argona is also providing a marketing and operations strategy to scale the initial launch of the MVP, as well as Beta Test results capture.

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