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Clean Ocean Imperative

Trash and debris pose a deadly threat to marine life. Current estimates for the volume of floating trash in the world’s oceans vary from 100 million to 250 million metric tons. The damage created by this ever-growing environmental catastrophe affects the health of humans and wildlife everywhere, while rapidly degrading the entire planet.


Argona Partners and OmniBio Energy seek to develop a fully self-sustaining solution to eliminate ocean waste, turning a waste problem directly into a waste solution. The desired solution will eliminate existing ocean waste and actively work to eliminate future ocean waste at its sources.


Argona has been engaged in a Joint Venture partnership with OmniBio Energy in order to develop the Clean Ocean Imperative (COI). OmniBio Energy is in the process of providing the technology solution, being called the Voltaire System. Argona Partners is developing the business and revenue model, as well as further business development along the nonprofit’s growth stages. The COI approach is an end-to-end solution for the conversion of plastics/waste into carbon-neutral, and then to carbon negative with green energy. The COI and the Voltaire system are the answer to one of the most difficult and troubling challenges we face today: recovering and maintaining the health of our oceans. Argona has also been retained to develop a fundraising strategy for this initiative.


Argona has developed a sustainable business plan, as well as the fundraise campaign strategy. The COI is currently engaged in a $500,000 fundraise in donations, led by Argona Partners, for initial feasibility study, basic concept design, development of digital assets, and additional capital pursuit.

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