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Clean Ocean Imperative

In a world where mankind has turned the oceans into garbage dumps, the Clean Ocean Imperative (COI) believes solutions that both resolve and benefit from this tragedy are imperative. COI’s mission is to rid the world’s oceans of floating plastic and other debris that pollute the ecosystem. Sensible, aggressive planet stewardship demands that we not only stop polluting but that we define and embrace approaches to its resolution that deliver, at the very least, carbon neutral solutions. COI will deliver the capability to eliminate plastics/waste where it exists while fully eliminating its carbon footprint.




COI is a collaboration between Argona and Omni Bioenergy to develop a Non-Governmental Organization which cleans the oceans of plastic, litter, and debris in a truly carbon negative sense from beginning of the process to the end. From initial planning to branding to international business relations, Argona will handle and develop this TBA world-changing technology and idea.

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