Clean Industries Coalition Content Manager content

Argona Partners, Inc. is seeking an individual looking to gain experience as a Content Manager. The content Manager will be responsible for creating, improving and maintaining content to achieve the Clean Industries Coalition’s goals.


The Clean Industries Coalition is an ‘Minimum Viable Product’ that is currently being launch by Argona Partner Inc.,

with the intent of creating and maintaining a group where professionals working towards sustainable innovation can find material, expand their network, and share knowledge.

Duties will also include developing in-house content with the use of Argona in-house resource and partners, sourcing,

and publishing content to raise brand awareness, maintenance of Thought Leadership, and monitoring web traffic

and metrics to identify best practices.

The content Manager will interact with C-Level team members from Argona Partners, and build new opportunities

across the LinkedIn Group engagement. The Content Manager will be a solid leader, clear communicator and great

analytical skills.


  • Strategic Planning, Scheduling, and implementation of content calendar in line with the CIC's values and


  • Research valuable third party resources to publish following the content calendar.

  • Manage in-house content requests and delegate content responsibilities.

  • Manage publishing all content to the CIC group page.

  • Oversee final editorial of all in-house content.

  • Publishing and managing comments and interactions in the community.

  • Organizing exclusive events, like webinars, events, and involve external partners to write articles, hold

    conferences, etc. on relevant topics for the community.

  • Stay up-to-date with developments in the sustainability field and generate new ideas to draw audience’s attention.

This role requires a highly organized, detail-oriented work style. 


Contact for more information.