Chief Marketing Officer

Argona is looking for a Chief Marketing Officer that will oversee all marketing operations and develop our marketing strategy and vision. You will build and be in charge of a team of enthusiastic marketing professionals and will direct our marketing efforts towards great success. This position is expected to uphold the mission and values established by Argona Partners. With that, this is a new dynamic role that will continue to develop as Argona grows. This position will be an equity offer with future opportunities for capital compensation. 

An excellent Chief Marketing Officer is passionate about their profession and has great knowledge for all things marketing. They can balance a practical mindset with a creative business acumen and lead people through complex marketing operations.

The goal is to ensure the company’s marketing efforts are successful in helping it outperform competition nationally and internationally.

Duties of the Chief Marketing Officer include:

  • “Listen” to the trends of the market, direct the market research efforts of the company, and stay ahead of competitor positioning

  • Liaise with the CEO, COO, & Director of Business Development to guide a unified approach to customer service, distribution etc. that meets market demands

  • Define marketing strategies to support the company’s overall strategies and objectives

  • Develop a feasible marketing plan for the department and oversee its day-to-day implementation

  • Planning, implementing, & overseeing marketing functions and operations (product development, branding, communications, etc.), and ensure they project Argona’s unique “voice”

  • Design and coordinate promotional campaigns, PR and other marketing efforts across channels (digital, press etc.)

  • Building a network of reliable external agencies and marketing professionals

  • Growing and developing an efficient in-house marketing team

  • Create a solid network of strategic partnerships

  • Contributing to new business development initiatives

  • Budget management

  • Oversee development of all marketing campaign development from a strategic level to implementation

  • Provide necessary analytics

  • Develop strong brand identity, position, and messaging

  • Develop a long term marketing plan

  • Planning, Development, and Integration of Omni Channel marketing system

  • Respond to market trends, recognizing and taking advantage of evolving consumer needs and successfully address competitive threats 

  • Set clear client expectations

  • Develop thematic group of key messages

  • Delegation tactics

  • Develop meaningful dashboard and reports that provides a synopsis of the current marketing status, key issues, challenges, etc. to the executive team


Requirements of the role:

  • Proven experience as chief marketing officer or similar role

  • Strong communication and negotiation skills

  • Demonstrable experience in developing efficient strategies and business plans for all marketing aspects (branding, product promotion etc.)

  • Outstanding communication (written and verbal) and interpersonal abilities

  • Understanding of different business disciplines (IT, finance etc.)

  • Proficient in MS Office and business software (e.g. CRM)

  • Ability to apply marketing techniques over digital (e.g. social media) and non-digital (e.g. press) channels

  • Solid understanding of market research and data analysis methods



  • BSc/BA in business administration, marketing, communications or relevant field; MSc/MA will be a plus

  • A leader with both creative and analytical capabilities


Argona is an early stage startup and this position is open to discussion. We want to know your passions around consulting, marketing, how that can help our team/company grow, and add to our list of available services. We would also like to know what long term role you see your efforts playing at Argona.

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