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Our passion is helping early-stage impact businesses gain financial clarity through growth strategy and fundraising readiness.

Built For The Long Haul

Mutual success is not just about achieving the goals set today. Argona Partners is committed to fostering long-term relationships and leveraging our dynamic partner ecosystem to help companies realize success in the long run.

Brand strategy is an essential part of any successful business, whether startup, SMB, or enterprise. Your brand is essentially the foundation of which you build your entire communication strategy around. Quite simply, it is the process of building and projecting a desirable image, and positioning yourself in the market. It includes drawing up a structured plan to build and communicate a brand image that meets marketing and messaging objectives, and the requirements of the target audience. A solid brand strategy will promote a company's product and service offerings, while boosting customer loyalty and satisfaction. Brand strategy services are available to help most any company looking to develop their brand and grow their awareness. It should be noted that brand development services and digital marketing services are two separate offerings.


Brand development services typically are broken into three categories:

  • Defining who your target customer is in order to improve brand communication, core values, company culture and develop messaging accordingly (Brand Analysis). 

  • Identifying business partners, competitors or influencers that will compliment your product or service and market to them as well (Market Research).

  • Consultations and brainstorm sessions to help build your brand (Brand Strategy).


When you have a strong, clear identity, your business will be more likely to succeed in the competitive market by becoming trusted and memorable. If you're looking for a marketing company list or crowdfunding marketing assistance, then a creative Marketing Agency is an excellent choice - you may have heard of companies such as mekanic, ironistic, or brllnt. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages, and it’s important to understand the true needs of your brand before engaging with a services agency, even if it’s for web development and digital marketing. 


First, assess your strengths and weaknesses as a business, that way you can design a brand strategy around how you can position your offer in the market. A defined message for a specific audience ensures that you can position your company’s message in a way that aligns with your brand. The purpose is to learn the best ways to communicate, which includes everything from infographics for online viewing to brochure design for offline use, and the voice you use with your audience. It's not just about how your company looks with its logo—it's about what it does to develop a solid presence. Your brand strategy may include developing a new product, acquiring a competitor, or opening up an international office. 

Crowdfunding Specialists, equity crowdfunding consultants, and an equity crowdfunding marketing agency all exist to help you increase awareness and raise money. Crowdfunding campaigns can be a great way to mobilize supporters around your cause in return for rewards.


How To Identify a Top Marketing Agency

Having a strong brand strategy is essential for any size businesses, and the benefits of a strategic brand message have been well documented. Studies show an exponential ROI for top marketing agencies, with some suggesting up to 18 times the investment in return, when compared with non-strategic or tactical approaches. One of the easiest ways to build a business is through strategic and holistic marketing. People who want to build their brand can benefit from investing in branding strategy because it will lead to new business, referrals, and growth. 


Imagine your marketing funnel; at the very top is awareness, and next is consideration. First and foremost, people need to be aware that you exist. There are people searching for your solution, so how do they find you? Next, you need to understand how you position yourself amongst the market, and how this will have an effect on your target audience perception. These stages are critical to any successful branding or marketing campaign, because they are essentially what creates Market Qualified Leads (MQL’s) and the process of converting them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQL’s). 


A top marketing agency will help you determine your needs, and how to appropriately achieve the goals you set. For example, does your website need a strategy refresh? Is it time for a redesign or expansion? Maybe it's time for custom content marketing or social media campaigns that will bring more attention to you and your business. Regardless of the strategy, implementation, analysis, and iteration are key to any sustained marketing success.

To help choose a top marketing agency in the world, or a top marketing agency in USA, check out the top agency reviews sites such as and Trust Pilot.

Crowdfunding Marketing

What is crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is a type of venture capital strategy where money is raised from many people, and publicly accessed from the internet. Instead of investing in startups and small businesses bankrolling with their own cash, this new frontier in financing looks to the public for both ideas and financial resources. Crowdfunding marketing focuses on getting funding and visibility among potential revenue sources that fit your niche. Namely, crowdfunding includes browsers like Kickstarter or Indiegogo "seeders." They have more than 100k registered users that browse through listings or are alerted to opportunities via social media sites. 


The best crowdfunding marketing agency will specialize in helping businesses and organizations get their message across a targeted audience, and providing opportunities to engage with the brand. Offerings typically include creating your campaign page, prepping any rewards offered to supporters, creating a video pitch to make an emotional appeal or feature values of your product, and developing a scientific approach to figuring out what type of information you need on your campaign page, like research, financials, historical data, etc. They may also help with finding new subscribers with social media, selecting which platform is right for you, building an audience, running successful videos campaigns, determining the best time of day to post, and building up your email list.

You can use a crowdfunding marketing agency, such as the Crowdfunding Formula, or Launchbloom, to help with these campaigns. However, make sure to check agency costs, such as the Crowdfunding Formula cost and the Crowdfunding Formula reviews.

Creative Marketing Agency

A creative marketing agency is involved in many aspects of the marketing process, such as brand development and other tactics. Main services include brand development, and will often include more tactical services as well such as graphic design and campaign implementation. A marketing agency can help you implement a marketing strategy, which is a step-by-step plan that takes your company from where it is today, to where you want it to be in the future. Each of the types of agencies have streamlined their services to include the most effective ways to create and manage a successful brand strategy. A brand strategist analyses the best way to market a product or service and create a strategy for future success. The outcome is a successful company that's recognized by their customers and competitors as the best in their field! In contrast, brand strategy services are all about planning for the future. The point is to analyze what operational and financial resources will be required in order for the company, whether it's a startup or an established company, to accomplish its goals. Marketing Strategy Services look at how best to market this product and service that has been developed by identifying who would best buy it and why, where should it be sold and through what kind of marketing techniques.


Most creative marketing agencies follow these five steps: 1) Needs Identification 2) Analysis 3) Planning 4) Implementation 5) Assessment-Performance Monitoring


More effective and focused marketing strategies combine creativity, tactical execution, analysis, and iteration. Marketing is about hypothesizing and testing, so understanding what you are testing is key to success. KPI’s for generating brand awareness can include items such as maximizing web traffic and sales conversion rates. 

The cool creative agencies, and the best creative agencies offer a variety of advertising solutions for brands, including strategies for developing and implementing marketing campaigns.

Startup and SME Growth

Sometimes, all you need is a little guidance. 


Argona Partners offers hourly consulting with business experts across a wide range of industries and specialties, and provides an outside perspective to accelerating your business. 

Are you curious how Argona Partners can help you grow your business? Check out our consulting services! Argona offers strategy, transformation, design, and general business consulting/ These services help you discover opportunities, analyze them, strategize, implement, and grow your business!

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Want to Accelerate Business Growth?

Our passion is helping early-stage impact businesses gain financial clarity through growth strategy and fundraising readiness.

Built For The Long Haul

Mutual success is not just about achieving the goals set today. Argona Partners is committed to fostering long-term relationships and leveraging our dynamic partner ecosystem to help companies realize success in the long run.

Looking for FREE Resources?

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