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Argona Partners Content Manager


Argona Partners, Inc. is seeking an individual looking to gain experience as a Content Manager. If you're dedicated and ambitious, Argona is an excellent place to grow your career. Argona is a strategic consulting and startup development firm. We provide advisory and project services to startup founders, their executives and other entrepreneurs.

We are looking for candidates who possess the ability to think both creatively and analytically. Content Manager duties include producing and publishing content, writing, editing and proofreading, and formulating content strategies across all digital channels.


Our Content Manager should be comfortable finding creative ways of building an online presence, as well as using analytics in the formulation of a content strategy. Here, content is defined as multimedia articles, blog posts, emails, scripts, images or videos that aid in fostering awareness of Argona and engagement of its audience.

Content Manager Responsibilities:

  • Research topics of high relevance to the Argona target audience.

  • Write, edit, and proofread content that is engaging, entertaining and informative.

  • Formulate a cross-platform content strategy.

  • Identify customers’ needs and recommend new topics.

  • Brainstorm with internal team members to develop new ideas.

  • Manage and update content across all platforms, including website, email and social media.

  • Maintain a content marketing calendar that schedules all aspects of the creation and delivery of content.

  • Develop a web content strategy that encompasses the goals of a company and aligns with the company's image. Create web content and monitor its effectiveness over time.

  • Use target keywords to write search-engine copy that is optimized for search engines (SEO).

  • Build a following on social media by promoting relevant content on social networks and monitor/optimize engagement.

  • Manage in-house content requests. Provide editorial, creative and technical support to sales and other team members.

  • Track web and social analytics to ascertain content engagement levels.

  • Stay abreast of current best practices in the industry and review competitor websites to compare their activities with those of your company.

This role requires:
·    A highly organized, detail-oriented work style.
·    Time-management skills
·    Excellent writing and editing skills in English
·    Proven work experience as a Content Creator, Copywriter or similar role.


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