What is CIC

The Clean Industries Coalition is a community created for

professionals facing sustainability-related challenges: whether you are an entrepreneur or an investor searching for funding or cofounding opportunities in the sustainability field, a CSO or a Sustainability Manager in charge of sustainable innovation, or a company or start-up operating in the sustainability field, the CIC community is designed for you.

Joining the CIC you will benefit from:

  • Shared Experience: get access to the collective knowledge of the community. Share your knowledge, receive tips and recommendations and help each other to reach your sustainability-related goals.

  • Mentorship: CIC groups professionals of different experiences and with different knowledge. Members can get access rapidly and efficiently to the knowledge of the community, growing the likelihood of success.

  • Networking: create new connections and relationships, expand your network and initiate successful  collaborations.

  • Fast Updates: if something new comes up in the industry, a well informed and trusted community is the fastest way to get updated about it.

If you are a professional working in the sustainability field,

and want to be part of the most valuable and active community on the market, follow the link and join the CIC LinkedIn group!